Taking off from where the discourse on modern urban living draws to a close, Dextrraa begins a dialogue around a fresh new living aesthetic for your home. One that is conscious, curated and breathes life back into connected communities, one room at a time.

Functional, sustainable and ethical aren’t just buzzwords for us. At Dextrraa, we live by them as we strive to create spaces that are ultimately beautiful, be it with our handpicked selection of unique home furnishings and accents, or our bespoke interior design services. For us the story begins not just with the living spaces, but with those who live in it, one house-proud aesthete at a time.

Mass produced, disposable and culturally vapid occupy the other end of the spectrum from where we wish to be at. Dextrraa is artisan-led, design-rich and craft-inspired, where independent makers find space for not just their products but also their identities. We understand the importance of individuality, of our partner-craftsmen/women and our consumers, whose décor dreams we help translate, one custom design revamp at a time.

Individual but not isolated is what we believe in. And that home is not what’s filled with objects but memories is what we know. So, we have a vibrant makers’ community, led largely by women, at the heart of Dextrraa, where the product isn’t just a beautiful accessory, but a handcrafted tale of cultural belonging. While India inspires our core, we are going beyond the boundaries to curate an authentic world heritage-inspired modern aesthetic, that stirs the soul of all the global nomads out there, one ukulele at a time.