Last month when American model Kendall Jenner bought a $52,000 velvet couch, she must have never thought that this 90’s trend will be back as Fall 2016 runway sensation and will hugely impact the world of interior deign as well. Suddenly from the ramps world over to the houses, velvet seems to be the fabric of this sweater season, but the hues are different this time. Unlike 90’s the choice of colours trending are more navy blue and green or soft tones like pastel pink or tan brown. With inputs from Shreya Jain of La Kairos who just got back from the Dallas upholstery fair, we get you the fall 2016 trend alert: Velvet.

Now many might argue that velvet as a fabric has been there for a very long time and how does it makes it any different than it was before, but then its not the same. The main difference being in the colour itself. In these times of global warming and eco friendly choices, it is a very important decision to buy what we buy. Velvet comes in different thickness and in many rich tones which make it look plush. Also it lasts longer if kept in good shape. If you can wear Sabyasachi’s new collection in velvet then why not get some to dress up your home interiors too.



Pic courtesy: Teen Vogue

This might not be the most typical sofa you would have ever seen but it surely is comfortable (and expensive) like no other. Boa by EDRA with a whooping price of $ 52,000 is not just a furniture piece but an art statement by itself.



Pic courtesy: designlovefest

How can you think of velvet and not think of drama. This set up of a living room, is a great example of how velvet can be a choice for bohemian interior style as well. The layering of different cushions gives it a more casual look.



Pic courtesy: La Kairos

For all those who still need some more bling to add to the solid colour of the velvet cloth, this one is for you. These floor cushions with sequin work on the side and bright red velvet piping, make it look very striking indeed.



Pic courtesy: Pinterest

Velvet does not has to be overwhelming all the time. Even if the two seats would have been in any other cloth the purple colour of this couch would strike out beautifully, making the brass table come alive.


Pic courtesy: La Kairos

You can use these cushions on a sofa in any other neutral tone cloth. The gold thread work in the botanical motifs give it a very plush look, making it clear that winters have arrived. Although many people find velvet to be a very shiny and over the top upholstery fabric, but then using the natural fabric can make it different in its feel. Also keep in mind the thickness of the fabric while buying it, as it depends upon the usage. A bed headboard would need a much thicker one than the fabric for cushion covers. For more inspiration on this trend, please follow us on our Facebook page or get us on Instagram. Until next time, stay warm!

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