We have had many posts about how to make your home look plush or how to have a perfect baby nursery. But never about a bathroom. This post is all about a few simple tricks to make your bathroom look fresh this 2018. We have also a few global trends in bathrooms, for you. Hoping this should get your bathroom feel as fresh as your new shower gel.

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This perhaps is the quickest way to make your bathroom pop up. High time you gave up on that typically boring mirror and choose something more interesting. Perhaps an interesting frame or a different geometric cut out. But this one little change can go a long way in making your bathroom look new.

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A trend that has been showing up for quite some time now. People are letting go of those boring LED spot lights and choosing interesting ones. They can change the mood of your area. Like a lamp in a bright colour hanging over the mirror or two metallic scones on each side. Not to forget, it would add up some interesting character to your bathroom selfies.

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This might not be a very useful trend since most of us wish for more space to store our toiletries. However, my point of defence would be that it makes the bathroom look pretty. You can put in some interesting pictures, soap cakes or aroma candles. You may want to add in an exotic bottle of perfume or a little plant. This is about giving a certain dimension to the otherwise more monotonous room in the house.

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Now isn’t it a dream to enter a bathroom which smells like an exotic flower, a bathroom that takes you close to the nature and has everything to make you feel pampered plus its all dry. Well apart from the dry part, everything else is pretty much in reach. You need to go for more nature inspired patterns and materials. Even psychiatrist suggest that going into the nature helps to destress. While that may not be an easy option, but having a bathroom with nature’s touch is a good idea.

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Since taking phones inside the bathroom is a socially acceptable norm. Then why not go ahead and make your bathroom more tech friendly. With new age shower panels that have all kind of settings to make your shower time nothing less than an experience in a luxury spa. No more permutations & combinations to find the right temperature before you jump into the shower. Just save your preferred temperature and choose the kind of pressure you like. Coming up is a mirror from the house of Kohler with Alexa to help you control your bathroom with a voice command.

Take a look at some swanky & smart shower fittings for your bathroom.

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We as Indians, have a history of our love affair with marble. However, tiles took over and these days its almost impossible that you will find marble as the choice for the bathroom for many. As more and more tiles are coming up that look like an expensive natural stone and are easy to put up. People have started going for them. But it’s all changing again, the marble is back in trend. The right finish and the stone colour can make a huge difference. We completely back this trend up.

If you are as much a marble lover as us, then do read our post Marvel in Marble

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If you go by the international trends, it’s the black steel fixtures that are trending. However, looking at our Indian market, we are still getting warm to the idea of brass or copper finish bathroom fixtures. Although one thing to ensure here is that all your fixtures come with the same finish in a bathroom. So if you are actually planning to change them, go ahead and get over that basic steel.

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Let’s face it, we all need our space to keep in our toiletries and stuff. Since a bathroom ritual can be quite elaborate for a few and just keeping it sleek won’t work. But that just does not mean you will put up a mini cupboard inside the bathroom. You can always have a vanity and keep it sleek. Lately more and more designers are going for floating vanities. As it makes the space look free flowing and clean. So, next time you get on redoing your bathroom, you know what to get.

Bathroom many a times is one of the most understated room in a house. However, it is also an area that can make a huge impression. A living room can be as simple and basic but people do judge your hygiene by a look at your bathroom. So keep it all fresh and trendy this year and let us know if you have any questions further on this topic. You can follow us on our Facebook page & on Instagram to see more of this story. Stay fresh!

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