It is no secret that the  Mid Century Modern decor movement is back and here to stay. From a high end restaurant to a decor shoot in a design magazine, it is everywhere. For the readers who are not too sure about this period, Mid Century Modern is mostly used to describe architecture, furniture, and graphic design that was created during the mid-20th century. This period had strong architectural features like open plan houses and floor to ceiling fireplaces to name a few. However, not all houses today have the luxury of having space to convert into this era architecture. So what better than doing few fixes in the interiors to make it all look planned yet not too pale and boring. If you have been looking to give some interesting character to your home, then here are some quick tips for you.

The Mid Century Modern decor

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Now having too much straight lined furniture, can be boring. The Mid Century Modern movement was all about geometric curves and organic curves. For inspiration look for Eames, Knoll or Herman Miller online. A coffee table with hair pin legs or a bed with slanted legs sits in perfectly. The internet is buzzing with furniture that took its inspiration from this period.  However, do not go over board and make it all mid century. Keep it eclectic and not like walking into the set of Mad Men. You might find many knock offs of the original iconic pieces from this era, depending on the placement of the furniture and the budget, you can make a choice accordingly.

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The Mid Century Modern decor movement.3

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Our very own movie industry has had enough references to this era with amazing detailing. You would see many movies of yesteryear with beautiful ceramic pieces in bright colours around the house. It can be a vase or an eye catching colourful piece of art in ceramic (preferably glazed). Looking at how many Indian ceramic artists are coming up lately, there is a piece that you are bound to find in your budget for sure.

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We got to admit there is nothing that screams Mid Century Modern movement like a sun burst mirror. With time there have been many variations. Try not going for something too futuristic or cosmopolitan and you should be able to nail it. We have reffered having a mirror in the house in our posts before too, as it is a great accessory to add to your decor, plus it makes you room look big.

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Graphics from this era were quite bold. So wether that be a wall paper or bold printed upholestry, a little boldness killed no one. You can add some nostalgia to your room even with a poster from that time. An accent chair or an entrance foyer wall can be a great choice to get experimenting.


The Mid Century Modern decor

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Lighting is a very integral part of this period. It was not just a lamp or a hanging light fixture but almost art. There were arc lamps and sculptural light fixtures. Just the like the bold prints, the light fixtures had a personality too. The good part about this design movement is that nothing needs to be matching. So go on and make it your own.

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Very few decor movements made the bar culture look this chic as the 50’s. If you have a wooden bar console, add in vintage glasses, expensive liquor and a cocktail shaker. A bar cart would be a great feature for the cool Mid Century Modern vibe. Also, who can say no to a classic martini at the comfort of your room.

More than often, people get swayed while doing an interior of a place according to a theme or an era. Hence it is always a good idea to take help of a professional. This 50’s movement for now is a lot like the millennial pink. Wether you love it or hate it, it easily adapts to almost every interior style and is not going away soon. Apart from that India has had a share of it’s Mid Century Modern style too. One can easily find a piece or two in their parents home. So either you can pick up a cheap side table from a flee market with slanted legs and change the top to add the 50’s vibe. Or buy an arc lamp to add some style to your basic leather couch. This decor style is here to stay. Follow us on our Instagram page for more inspiration on this post or you can share your comments with us on our Facebook page.

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