Diwali for most of us is all about sweets, fireworks, lights, playing cards and gifts. A perfect time to be with your loved ones and celebrate in all our own traditional ways. In midst of all those traditions and your budget, it is all about creating that aura of love and bonhomie all around. Not much might have changed when it comes to the way we practice our prayers to Lakshmi and Ganesha but the way we the millennials celebrate it today is a lot different than it used to be. How about decoding it for you and getting you 4 ways to make it grand this Diwali.



Got some really old magazines that you haven’t let go cause of some editorials you loved? Or your collections of bed sheets seems to be over flowing into your husband’s wardrobe now? With Diwali around, it is time you decluttered some. Use that smart phone and get the scanner app, scan all those stories from those international magazines and let it go. Time to sit and figure out how many of those bed sheets do you really need and give out others to someone who might need it more. As someone once said, “You should keep things either that are useful or beautiful”, if something does not comes under any of those two columns then you rather trash it. After all goddess Laxmi only comes to those who keep it clean.



Now how can one not talk about gifts when it comes to Diwali. Some are given in their official capacity while others come with lots of love and some other like a Haldiram sohan papdi box, keeps getting forwarded around like a ticking bomb. How about a gift that doesn’t leaves a dent on your wallet and yet the person who receives it is really thankful for it. Wont that be a perfect gift ever? Then try giving out a really small amount to a dog shelter or show your respect to our soldiers by giving your donation to the Indian Army. Or how about just giving the left over food post party to this amazing NGO called Feeding India.


Love thy self:

You work hard to make your home look beautiful, to make your family cheer up on the day of Diwali, have the perfect food and gifts for them. Why not do something for yourself too. Promise yourself a membership at a local gymnasium and work on it or gifting yourself a spa day post the festival craziness.



Thank you! might be used more to a host at a cafe or formally to a peer at work. But then its not formal at all, its just an effort that shows your gratitude to others. This Diwali just open up your heart and thank your dad. Let your father know how grateful you are for all the things he did for you or make that call to your grand maa just to wish her and tell her you miss her. It’s all about spreading the good vibes.

With this story being the last for this festive season, we at Dextra wish you all a very happy Diwali and hope these 4 pointers will help you in making it grand. Do follow us on Facebook and on Instagram to get more input on our stories.

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