It is true that January is almost over, but hey, it’s still the first month of this year right (& the quickest). So here is, just in time, a list of 5 commandments for your home this 2019. Do not worry, it does not has any commitments that might be too hard to upkeep or even any expensive decor trend must buys to stay in vogue. But just try & follow them to make a big difference to your adobe. So let’s go ahead & make some easy habits for a better home.


Ditch those “safe” colours on your walls or that all furniture matching theme. Try something new, it can be an interesting wallpaper or a poster art on your wall, or even a rug. You do not have to change it all, just make that one thing stand out.



Now certainly you do not have to KonMari your home suddenly one night. Just try doing it at least twice this year. You DO NOT have to be minimal, but neither have things that actually are useless & even less used.


TBH I know many of you might hear your mother shouting this out at you while you read this, but this is totally worth doing. According to a survey done of 68,000  people, it was found that those who make up their bed every morning are more happier & productive.

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When you would not want to wear synthetic clothes on your body then why to buy sheets or upholestry that is synthetic either? It surely comes down to the budget, but then the comfort of a natural fabric on your skin is worth it all. Fast fashion is a big issue of our times today, let us not add more to it by buying home decor items that phase out so quickly. Be woke, know more about the story of the product you are buying for your home. Also, if possible do recycle or refurbish them.


In the end, give a thought to your home lighting. Have mood lighting, add table lamps, change to LED’s. (Try getting the “right” shade of warm white). Do not confine yourself with the typical two wall lights & a chandelier person.

With these commandments in place, you are bound to find some difference in you & your habitat. You do not have to hire an interior designer or an architect for these. Just try to put them in your system & enjoy the positivity in your home. Do follow Dextrraa on Insta or write to us on our Facebook page with your comments for more posts on home decor & well being.



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