My mother normally has two dinner choices for us, either to take it or to leave it. Even though as a child I have always seen her collecting recipes, it is only later I realised cooking them is a different hobby. Do not get me wrong, the woman loves her kitchen otherwise. Which in a way made me come up with this post on 6 easy steps to kitchen declutter. And I bet you got at least one of these lurking at yours.


As much as they look cool on your shelves, having a cook book is a just a platform for dust to sit on. Stay away from the idea of keeping them in a kitchen. Specially in times when there are more than one ways to make a dish, you just need your phone or use any other AI tools.


This is something I picked up from a friend’s place actually and am sure he is not the only one who keeps them in his kitchen. Wine bottles are best kept in a cellar or a cool but dark place. (Depending on the type of wine off course). Not all of them have to be put in a fridge either. So keeping them on your kitchen shelf is a big no.


Soup bowls, gravy boats, cheese platters. Again, they look pretty sitting up there but do you really use them that often is the question. Just like the star appliances, if you do not have so many guests to entertain that often, it’s better to keep those platters at bay. We always have a crockery unit to put them in but keeping them in the open is not a smart idea no matter how pretty they look.


My fifth step out of the 6 easy steps to kitchen declutter is a very common one. We all get menus of take-aways around all the time but keeping them all bundled up on your platform is not cool. You rather keep them in one of the drawers or pin the most likeable one under a fridge magnet.


Not that I cook but I do read and it is interesting how people advice on the most “healthy” kind of diet. Which to a large extent contains the kind of oil used as well. But it is not advisable to keep your olive oil outside like they show in the cookery shows or the advertisements. It is suppose to be kept in a dark cold place.


Star appliances according to me are appliances that seem to be bright and attractive at the time of buying but far from actually being used. I mean, guilty as charged I have a steam cooker at my place which I really cannot remember has been used more than twice.

The second most important area has to be the kitchen, once you are done spending your time in the bedroom. And most of the people always complain about not having enough space in it. The variety of the Indian food demands different kind of appliances and masala as well. Hence having more space is always an issue for use. Following these steps might help you declutter a little. If you got any mantra of your own then please share with me on my instagram page or write to me on Facebook. Until next time, buon appetite!

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