After a day’s hard work, you have all the right to sink into the warm haven of your own bedroom. Considering its importance in the scheme of things, your bedroom is your prime and private space which needs an upgrade every now and then. And no reasons are required to justify it, just the fact that you deserve a leg-up on the luxe side of things. And you need not shell out the big bucks for it but just take on some clever ideas for a little boutique bedroom overhaul. Here are our six most-loved design-hacks to do up your bedroom or for that matter any room, in style.

Blooms to take away the gloom –
What does every plush hotel room, a celebrity home and Claude Monet have in common? The answer to that are freshly cut flowers, arranged in some style or even just tossed into a mason jar [the latest rage]. The long-stemmed varieties are just one to add some natural glam to your space, and bring on the ‘happies’. In fact Monet said. “I perhaps owe having become a painter to flowers”, and he was not exaggerating there, as flowers add colour, fragrance, fun and also that unique personal touch to a room, [and beat the paper/plastic varieties any given day]. Bought from your flower guy round the corner or from a florist’s boutique, a bunch of fresh blooms in a cut crystal [or any other] vase can be put on your bedside-table or on top of a chest of drawers, or as a centre piece to just channel in some insta-glam and positivity. Talking of trends here, think seasonal blooms in a loose bunch ringing in that wild, woodland aesthetic. And as Pantone calls Rose Quartz its colour of the year, blush and peach shades are definite winners, as are traditional flowers like scented carnations, long stemmed English sweet peas, roses and frilly zinnias.
Tip: Try buying them while they are still a bulb, so that you feel more involved as you trim them and they last longer as well.

Incase a wholesale flower vendor is what you looking for, then do walk in to 30 Gazipur flower market in Delhi. Where you would find Usman bhai, one of this biggest flower vendor of Delhi. You can also reach him at  +91 9990 997 490.

Statement furniture to up the fun –
So a neutral, minimal space can be comforting to the eyes, but not always to the senses. So, adding a bit of drama to your room is a piece of statement furniture – whether it’s a folksy or floral printed chair, a kitschy art-topped table, or even a bicycle trolley used as a nightstand. You have all the room to go [a bit] crazy and get the zing back with this accessory to poshing-up the space. Another way to go about it, is to go the vintage way if you are thinking of enhancing the old-world charm of an otherwise modern room mixing it up a bit always helps as it breaks the monotony. So, whether it is furniture that is heirloom or something more futuristic or something very colourful, utility can be looked out for when selecting this, while also keeping in mind the essential décor scheme of the room. A classic teak console from your grand-parents time or a modern kilim printed chaise lounge can be functional and also fab as it adds to the character of your room.
Tip: Although getting something post-modern or antique might become an expensive proposition, so one way to go about it is to dig into the store-room for family heirlooms which can be restored or even customised.

If you are looking for a statement furniture/ curio in a decent budget, then we do recommend . As the tag line says, they don’t manufacture, they create.

Natural fabrics to add some organic chic –
If you are a fan of shabby chic, but want to upgrade it a bit with some rustic sophistication, then shabby nouveau is one way to go, and here come in natural textured fabrics for drapes and upholstery of you room. While many of us go for synthetic fabrics given their easy upkeep and long lasting nature, nothing beats the feeling of luxury when you’ve got softly-rustling silk curtains on your window, vibrant and cool ikat rugs or even high thread-count cotton bed-linen to cool it all down. Accent fabrics [even to upcyle] help in jazzing it all up and you can also purchase the fabric yourself and get it stitched as per requirements with some personal touched added in with details like monograms on pillows, frilled edges on bed-covers, or even brocade-lined curtains to highlight the general colour scheme of your room.
Tip: Bring out an old knitted throw or faux fur drape to put on a sofa chair to give that comfortable feel. You will be surprised how your friends will love sinking into it.

From shams to top sheets, out door canvas seats to beautiful pure linen curtains, the’ve got it all. If you got something bespoke to be made, they will take care of that as well. makes it all so comfortably chic.

Art on the wall to have all eyes stall –
That one oil-painted canvas, or framed water colour, or vintage rice-paper print [no old movie posters, please] could be the all the spice missing from your room so far, so it is time to go a bit arty and indulge in a work of art for your room, also made affordable with the many online art-selling portals around. A beautiful artistic piece hung on the wall will not only be your muse to stare at and feel good about, but will double up as a conversation starter too. In fact, it can at times rule the look of the room and make it eminently design-worthy. [If you are still thinking where and how to get such a beauty for your room, please do read our guide on the Art of buying Art online].
Tip: Contrary to the belief, art is not only for the rich. So visit art galleries for shows by contemporary artists as even if you don’t get to buy a trophy artist in your first go, there is a lot of vibrant and creative options out there to suit your pocket.

I am sure the art pieces above will make you want to see some more. These and many more are on sale now on Pick one according to your budget, today!

Classy ceiling act with a chandelier –
How much thought goes into revamping our ceilings, not much I’d say. In fact most of us are living in rooms with the same ceiling scheme as when we started in it. Maybe, a paint job changes the colour of it, but we are talking of style upgrades here and the one way to luxe it up. With this plush lighting solution in place, you can brighten and lighten your space at once. Available with many arms, multiple tiers, and shades as well as with more simple designs and streamlined structures, there are many modern and vintage options to choose from. A wide circumference chandelier is for big rooms while those with smaller profiles can dress up diminutive rooms. Go around the market and explore options as they are available in brass, glass, crystal, porcelain and more. While candle chandeliers are way old-world [and not practical for all], the ones available have lights fitted in and made in designs to channel in the rustic charm [in wood, or iron with lace or floral fabric light shades] or some definitely modern [think light orbs] and stunning ones [think cascading glittering droplets].
Tip: Do go online and check your options and the rates. Also, look for metal and glass craftsmanship when selecting the piece. These days a lot of shops make lights by order as well and they could be more cost effective options compared to antique ones.

India has a huge history of one of the most incredible chandeliers. Whether that be brass or crystal. We’ve got them all. Bhagirath Palace or Lok Nayak Bhawan behind Khan market, both in Delhi, are the places to go to.

Mirror mirror on the wall –
Mirrors have always been there as popular home accents and available in finishes and frames to suit various interiors. Mirrors give the illusion of space and can make for a lovely corner/wall statement. Try gold gilded mirrors on the wall above the cabinet and see how it spells luxury, or, go for some interesting Venetian glass frame with cut-work on the edges to get a distinctive look. If you are looking for something contemporary, then there are clusters in different frame styles.

To get the best frames do contact your local carpenter. If in Delhi go to old Delhi for the vintage frames. Or try going on to one of the many sites online.

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