This post is for all those people who never had a green thumb or any intent to get into gardening. This is an initiative to help you in not just getting some plants in your homes but also a guide to the most hep ones this summer. (I know a plant is a plant is a plant, but then so are the colours yet we have a few chosen shades every year, right). Now, these plants have not been picked in any order but more according to the availability, weather conditions and are easy to grow. (Plants for the lazy people you say?) Also, these are one of the most instagram’ed and have a high visibility in interior design magazines and blogs worldwide. This is the list of the coolest 6 trending indoor plants for your home.

Fiddle leaf fig tree


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This was surely one of the most visibly “chic” (Well VOGUE CASA had it) plants last year. Those big flappy leaves with a thick stem do tend to collect dust though. So ensure you keep them clean. The best way to check when to water is quite simple as well, just put in your finger by an inch inside the soil. If you find it dry, then water it else its all good. This will differ according to the weather. Also, being an indoor plant, you can easily put it in a corner where you get enough indirect sunlight. Just ensure it’s not direct, as it might kill it.

Aloe Vera


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One of the most beneficial plants that you can have in your house. It is full of anti-oxidants and helps in boosting your body’s immunity as well. If you google its uses, you will find more than you can ever imagine. Being a succulent its almost zero maintenance. Just water it twice a week and check for hints by looking at it’s leaves. If they seem to be getting brown, may be it’s getting more sunshine than needed. The best case would be when they grow in the opposite direction of the pot.

They are perfect to be in a terrarium. Planning to make one? Get some help here DIY GUIDE TO BUILDING YOUR OWN TERRARIUM.

English Ivy


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This one is an evergreen perennial. English ivy to grow in a well shaded area. Being a poisonous plant, would strongly recommend to plant them in hanging baskets, so they are easy to maintain and are not reachable to the pets. Traditionally used as climbers, they tend to get pervasive and if not cut from the root of each vine rather than pulling out  the veins from the wall, it can damage the wall. Keep it simple, keep them short.

Golden pathos plant



Pic courtesy: Pinterest

Also known as the money plant, are one of the easiest and undemanding plants you may find. Although they come in quite a few variations, from wax like green 7 inch leaves to the ones with a shade of yellow and also leaves as big as more than a feet long. Just keep them in a low lit area and water them once a week, that’s all the caring they need. Not just an easy to grow flora, this one gets rid of carbon monoxide and formaldehyde. (People from Delhi and Gurugram, are you listening?) So get one already.

Snake plant


Pic courtesy: Pinterest

Another evergreen perennial plant and easy to find in India. This one is a very common ornamental house plant that needs very less care. It can rot if over watered. Although it’s also known as the mother-in-law’s tongue, but according to NASA its a great plant to keep indoors, as its one of the few ones that removes carbon dioxide and makes oxygen at night.

Rubber tree


Pic courtesy: Pinterest

This is the millennial pink of the plants this year. Also a little more tricky to take care, than the previous ones. Better to get one when its still small as it will adapt to the indoors much more easily. Best placed close to a window, which gives it ample sun light but not direct. Also if you do get a young plant, keep the soil most. So using moss around, will help. If the leaves turn yellow and fall, this might be due to over watering the plant. Just like the fig tree, this one comes with big leaves as well, which means you need to just wipe them sometimes and not leave them dusty.

Now for the last bit, you can buy all these plants without even walking out in this summer sun. Just go online and order one from the variety of websites like Amazon or NurseryLive. Even better, gift one to others, to cool off this summer and keep the air clean too. For more plant inspirations follow us on our Facebook page or on our Instagram. A green thumbs up to all your people!

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