Hong Kong might be the alarm that our world needs for the ever growing population and its habitat needs. With around 30% of the population living in rental housing, the Hong Kong government is putting in $80 billion to make a new artificial island. It might be one of the most expensive cities to live in, but we are not too far. With Mumbai being the most expensive city, Delhi and Bengaluru/Chennai come to second and third respectively. With this in mind, home decor become even more vital when it comes to making our small apartments look bigger. Big decor ideas for small spaces is becoming the need of the hour. Here are our 10 solutions to this situation.

Cabinet above bed

This might sound not so comfy to many of you but it surely makes sense. Specially you have a niche behind. Put a floating shelf or over head cabinets, but this space can be used for many other things that you do not want should be seen on a regular basis.

Furniture with dual function

How about a trunk that is also a bar or a bench that also has storage space. Furniture with dual function always work well in a small space.

Colour on colour decor

We just did a post on colours, but this idea is not about using just mild tones. it is about using colour on colour, which means using green on green tones and shades with a neutral colour scheme.

Wall dividers

Use dividers to break your space but not just classic wooden screens but dividers that can house plants, books etc.

Long curtains

This is a great hack as well. Have curtains the touch the floor, so that the line does not gets broken. Even if your window starts a little lower, having a full length curtain gives an impression of a massive wall.

Large furniture

Just like long curtains make the space look horizontally bigger the large furniture rather than a three seater with two chairs and two side tables, have a large seating.

Floating shelves

Rather than going for full blown hefty cupboard space, go for floating shelves. You get them easily anywhere and everywhere lately.

Looking for some other options? Say no more, read our post on 4 creative shelf ideas to prettify your walls.

White walls

This might be the oldest trick in the book, but it works. When it comes to spaces, its all about lighting and white surely makes the light bounce like no other.

Few of these ideas might be the most classic ones that everybody knows. However, we tend to forget the most basic details at times. Follow these big decor ideas for small spaces and tag us with a picture. You can do that Instagram account, or write to use with any of your tried and tested ideas on our Facebook page. Namastè.

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