I read somewhere, that India originally did not have a perception of chairs, as a furniture piece, for everyone. It was something only fit for the king as his throne. Since then, a lot has changed and thank god for that. The humble ass resting piece of furniture has changed it’s shapes and material in many ways through all the revolutions and industrialisation period. However, in a typical  house today we would still end up with a generic mill cloth upholstered chair. Thankfully, comes in a breathe of fresh air, a brand with Indian ethos and a boho soul. Our boho chic brand of the month – Lìmon.

“Pop goes the ordinary. Designs, for Happiness.” This is how this quirky handloom based happy chair making brand defines itself. Aradhana Anand is anything but ordinary. For someone who has travelled the world and has lived for many years in places like Singapore and Dubai, having a fascination for handlooms is quite refreshing. It all started in the summer of 2015, when she and her team took over the process of brand creation. From graphics, to product line up all was set by April 2016. When asked about the name of her brand, Aradhana said that she wanted something quirky and catchy rather than typical name people might associate with handloom products. We believe she got it right on this one for sure.

Boho chic brand of the month - Lìmon.Dextra.in

When asked about what inspires her,  the humble handloom emporium it was. Since Aradhana uses handloom made saree’s to upholster her chairs, she collects all by herself. One can even walk into her store to choose from one of the saree’s available there.

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Boho chic brand of the month - Lìmon

Lìmon as a brand provides you with 7 basic style of chairs to choose from. They’ve got accent chairs, the wingback chairs, the club chairs and more. It’s not just a piece of furniture but a thread of culture that you take home, you buy a chair with a particular state handloom piece.

Boho chic brand of the month - Lìmon

A piece like this with colours so pretty, will be perfect in your boho space. The whole idea of not using something commercially mass produced also makes them a strong accent furniture item. Also, it is always a great idea to add something eclectic and pretty next to your leather couch. The usage of handloom almost makes them a furniture collectors dream. (I wonder if Iris Apfel might want one).

Boho chic brand of the month - Lìmon

When asked about her future plans with her brand, Aradhana shared her future plans with us. She informed us about an addition of a  whole new range of pieces like bench chairs and ottomans etc, strong in their graphic game. As she is collaborating with her friend who is a known graphic artist, to make these prints. However, India remains to be the inspiration for the future collection as well.

Boho chic brand of the month - Lìmon

As numerous international brands walk in into our interior design space with their modern touch and silhouettes, it’s nice to find something so simple yet strong. Machines make clones, hands give them individuality and it is what makes Lìmon so special. Do check out more on this brand on our Instagram page or more related stories on our Facebook page. In continuation to our Bohemian month, looking forward to sharing something new next week. Shalom.


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