This is about an essential something that homes all over the world need, whether an apartment or a luxurious villa. While some just go unnoticed the others are famous given the residents, all proudly proclaimed an address signage, marking the territory right at the outset. We might take it lightly but it surely is what puts a name to our nest. It might be a cute hand painted board or a simple yet powerful pair of metal wrought numbers stuck on a door, like that on 10 Downing Street. In most cases, an address signage is far less thought about than it should be, given it is the very first indicator of personal taste of the residents. However, in today’s time there are enough options depending on the budget, placement of the signage and the look of the house that one wants to create and keep consistent starting with the address signage. So lets get your address signage right.


Getting your signage right.

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Hand painted tile

If you have a house that’s not too post modern and has an ethnic artistic vibe to it, perhaps the hand painted tile signage would be perfect for you. It not only adds character to your home but gives that customised look to your entrance. You can choose from the Rajasthani Mughal art style or the Portuguese style from Goa.

Tip: Do ensure you have proper light falling on the signage so that it’s visible in the late evenings and night time as well. Might not be a great idea for a farmhouse or a huge building.

Getting your signage right.

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Hanging signage

This one is surely the cutest signage style that greets you. Perfect for people living in apartments and to give a quirky touch while this could also be apt for people living in a rented house who can then remove it as needed. All you need is to put two J screws on the ceiling, hook up the signage and it’s done.

Tip: This can be a great solution for you if you have the last house in the row, as you can hang it sideways like shown in the picture above.

Getting your signage

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Industrial look

Most of the houses in today’s urban landscape are having Italian stone facades with weathered wood used in places along with a lot of glass. For a home like above, a metal-based lettered cut out plate mixes in with the environment just right. (It’s even better if you get to recycle a piece of scrap). There are many vendors who cut and design metal, so this is not too difficult to fabricate, and putting up a light hidden behind the plate will be a nice touch as it will then strike out in the dark too.

Tip: Try playing with the patina of the metal. It just adds to the texture and look of the otherwise cold metal piece.

Getting your signage right.

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Metal numbers

The most commonly used address signage around is the one with all numbers. For those who like to proclaim only the house number and leave it at that, there are a few ways to jazz it up. One can pick brass letters to be embossed on a green tinted marble/granite slab or on a steel plate or even on a weathered wood block. This is an elegant solution whether you have a big building or a warm little studio apartment, as the letters can be made according to the size of the door/facade and the space around the building. You can even have an electrician put an LED strip behind the letters and your house becomes a visible landmark across all blandly done up doors in your neighbourhood.

Tip: Try being more fun with contrasting background options. As it not only makes the letters stand out but it would be something different than the typical letter cut outs being nailed on to the wall.

Getting your signage

Pic courtesy: Pinterest

Getting the address engraved

With a little help from the local mason and the right font, this signage style can simply fit in with your walls and  entryway, effortlessly. On a square block of sandstone or a big boulder, you just need a short handy engraving machine to get this job done as you can also add an initial-ed monogram to the house number. And then, do not forget to add some sharp outdoor spotlight for the night time.

Tip: I would recommend this if you have a farmhouse or a landscaped garden in front of the house, as it fits in with the surroundings. It might not  be a great idea for apartments or small urban houses.

With this I hope you will surely pick out at least one of the above given ideas, as per your liking and style of residence, and give that pizza delivery guy or your local mail man or a lost person driving around, a house address not to be missed. For more inspiration, follow us on our Facebook page or on Instagram today!

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