While many of us are still getting used to writing 2019 at the end of a date, while January is over. So officially it’s time to get off the slumber and get working for whatever goals you made for this year. (While writing this, ironically I just realised I was suppose to get myself a gym membership already). Meanwhile the spring is almost here and so are the home decor trends for 2019. Now the thing about trends is, they are suppose to come & go, so you can very well choose to be classic or bohemian as you may like. But having some of them in your home when you can, is not a bad idea anyway. So let us just go through these, hoping you will get a few in your home soon.


Now if you do follow us on Instagram, recently I did a story on the trends according to Pinterest for this year & many other publications/bloggers have counted this in as well. The warmer shade of the colour yellow is a big trend for this year. Wether it might be a cushion or painting or even cloth napkins, you can add this colour to your home in many easy ways. It is a colour that stands for creativity & if used in a balanced way, it can really pop up the decor.


Last year Big Prints was a trend in my forecast blog & this year it continues. Decor gurus have suggested that big prints or paintings are trending for this year as well. So rather than having a wall of 10 things, get yourself a big poster or a painting & that should work just fine.


Ironic for a country like ours, this actually had never gone off the trend. After all most things are hand made here. But what as a designer I have realised & we all need to as well, that hand made things are not always cheap & easy. Even when made by hand, the quality matters & that is when the price differs. The reality of our times is that many hand made art are dying because the future of the tribe that used to make them is actually leaving them to start some other jobs. So rather than just following it as a trend, let us try and support them as much as we can.

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It is an era of people who are much more aware & demanding than ever before. So it only makes sense to know where your product is coming from, what is the story behind it & how long will it last. It is not about collecting numerous articles in the line of fast fashion rather making selective decisions while choosing your home decor needs. Quality has a lot to do with sustainability & so does the price. But hey! why not have 5 products that are eco friendly & you love rather than 15 of them that are cheap & bad quality.


Wether it might be on the wallpapers or the cushions, big floral patterns are back this year. Even Pinterest backed up this trend of going bold. So lap it up and let go of painting just one wall in a different colour. Go bold or go home is the mantra this year.



This year is also about accepting colours and gradually saying bye to the mid century modern look that has been there since the mid 20th century. The Memphis movement that started in Milan in 1980, is said to be the next big trend. Even in fashion forecasting this year, many designers have chosen pop colours for their new collection to come. But do ensure this is not an easy trend to follow as good lighting and being balanced is very important. Unless you wish to live in a teletubbies land. Although I have my doubts how will we Indians adapt to this trend.


Say namaste to your rose gold and hello to burnished brass. For this trend, it is the patina that counts. Burnished looks comes from rubbing the metal with high speed buffer that softens the gold & gives it a dull look.


Wicker in India is available from the north east to Kerala. We get ample products out of it & depending on the polish plus the usage it can last well. Again, the thing to consider here is that the price varies since there are many different ways to wicker and many a times the structure on which the wicker-ing is done makes a big difference in the price. Another trend that has really come up is of wooden vines, natural colour polish organic cut furniture. As an interior designer, I strongly suggest to go for one if you are looking to add something interesting to your home.

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Do you know the difference between fads & trends?  Trends last a lot more longer & at times can last for decades, like the mid-century modern look. But something that never goes out, is the love & comfort that we get in our homes. So keep it cosy & follow us to on our Instagram or Facebook page. You can also tweet us. Until next time, stay warm!

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