Wether they be inside the home or outdoors, every ones loves to have them green. Also, it is not mandatory to have a green thumb for all kind of foliage. Depending on your personality and the time that you can invest in taking care of a plant, there are ample number of options available. After all, who does not likes the feel of a nursery. But like they say, different people different strokes; so here is a guide of plant decor for your personality type. Go ahead and choose one.


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For you guys who love their books, decorating something between them is always a good idea. But there can only be enough book ends that you can have. So why not get some plants with small leaves, like the rabbit paw fern or the basic money plant that would grow vertically and make your book rack come more alive.


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If you are someone who loves to entertain people at home and you love to cook then get the edible sorts. There are many with beautiful flowers that one can use on their salad. Like Nasturtium, Daisy, Pansies, Marigold or the flowers of the zucchini plant like in the plate above. (Plus the flowers look pretty too).


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Love to have your long baths with epsom salt, soulful music and a glass of wine? Then you better add some leaves to your posh bathroom decor. Well even if you do not have a bathtub, why not have a small green lively jade or some succulent thingy that gets its water from all the moisture in the bathroom and stays happy there.


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So you like to be on top of the topic eh! Prefer to choose everything wisely rather than just pick something cause it looks cute. The live moss frame is all you need. With no water requirement and a long lifespan, they are the most cool thing to have on your walls right now. But if you want something a bit more traditional or a story worthy plant with an interesting planter to it then go for a bonsai or a fiddle leaf fig tree or some exotic floral cacti on your table. The plan is to make it the star attraction.


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Like to be called the children of the earth and want a home that matches your vibe. Then go ahead and hang out with some cool green buds. Mix and match with different colours and size of leaves to make your pad feel more boho. Try having an assortment of hanging as well as potted plants.

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