With summers on, this is the right time to get them walls painted. As it is quick to dry and things are slow. Rather than the typical October rush right before the festive season, which is a no no. But choosing a colour is not always easy. So why not use some pro tips on summer colours for your abode. All the way from our luxury interior design specialist from Dubai.


This might sound dull but trust me with the array of hues available it is anything but boring. Wether you are looking to make grey the statement or simple an offset for bolder & brighter tones. It is a fresh, cheerful & perfect colour to decorate your home. As amazing way to set off tones of grey in your home is with vibrant greens and teals. Try adding bright scatter cushions to the mix and painting feature walls with a lighter grey, to really make the colour scheme pop. There is something almost tropical about this look and we approve it.

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Colour your home blue. Sophisticated & cool, it’s a colour that rarely disappoints. Consider blue the cool and calming versatile shade. Blue is a colour that every one feels at home with. As it is neither polarising nor divisive. There are so many different shades of blue and each different one has a wholly unique effect on a space. Wether you go for the rich dark blue to create a cosy and sophisticated feel or instead choose a light, beach blue which transports you in an instant to the greek islands & the mediterranean heavens. Wether it is a single piece of furniture or a full on colour scheme, a splash of blue colour is bound to give your home an uplifting finish.


Decorating with it is bold, fun & romantic. What’s not there to love? From blush pink shades on your walls to bold swathes on kitchen cabinets. Pink is no longer the sole preserve od Disney princesses and Katie Price. But there is a new way to decorate your home with it and it is all about blushes and accents. Pink has a great ability to look chic, modern, Scandi and fun, all rolled into one. From pairing with wall art to all white rooms – designing a pink room has never been this easy. Thanks to the millennials.


Cream & beige living room design is easy to understand & pleasant on the eyes. As it creates restful & relaxing space. To create a sophisticated & easy room decor, it is best to choose light coloured tones, like vanilla ice cream, whipped cream or soft caramel. The result will be an elegant & tasteful interior. But by adding a bit of  “brown chocolate” for accent like the wooden doors or furniture, you will get a “delish” harmonious room layout.

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The colour green has made a splash in the world of interior design & has stayed in the hottest colour trends list for sometime now. To sum it up in a single word – versatility.  Like a classic black dress, the colour green can be dressed up or dressed down & can be paired with so many colours. Best of all, there are so many shades & tones of green to choose from. This colour can create an energetic space when combined with the vibrant hues, yet can also create a chic ambient when paired with other classic neutrals like whites, blacks & browns.

With these pro tips on summer colours for your abode, you can make any room come alive. So ditch those typical boring colours and make a bold choice. Go pastels or go home, we say. Follow us on Instagram for more inspirational pictures on this story. All the way from our Dubai based decor diva, Cheryl Yumnam.

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