Haola Pillow – Platinum

Inspired by Jason Momoa, the Hawaiian-born artist. All the Haola pillows are completely hand embroidered with intricate hand done beading, the covers size is 14″ x 20″ inches. They are made on pure cotton silk and are available in 2 different colours. Made by La Kairos


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It was on a flight that the founder of La Kairos read an interview of Jason Momoa, the Hawaiian- born artist. He felt like a misfit growing up, an outsider among his own people. It was a feeling that never quite left him. As she travelled & lived in far off lands, she realised that she too felt like him but then she realised that it is being a misfit that makes people shine so bright. Let this pillow be reminder to celebrate your unique weirdness.

Made by La Kairos


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