India is the third country in line with the maximum number of billionaires today. With an estimated 31 billionaires getting added to the list in the past one year, we are right behind China and the US. Although, the difference still might be large, but we are getting there. Now to be honest, while I was reading all these facts and trying to sleep (by counting the zeroes in Jeff Bezos account), the interior designer part of my brain was also wondering what kind of a house would these people be living in. Which eventually got me to this post. Sharing with you, the home decor list of a blingy billionaire. As I share with you a few furniture and fixtures that top the list of most expensive on the planet, I hope no one ever buys them all together.


We all want our sofa or the coffee table to be the star of our living room, so why won’t a billionaire want one. You might think that it would be of a particular leather, which is hand sewn and has wifi speakers with a mini refrigerator. But no, the worlds most expensive sofa is actually made up of polished stainless steel. Kept as an art exhibit at MoMA New York, this rather uncomfortable looking sofa is for a whooping $ 300,000. Designed by architect Ron Arad this one might be a great investment piece to buy if you must. But comfort wise, may be not so much.

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A chandelier is the tiara of any room. Although on the records, the most expensive one that has ever been bought was at an auction done by Christie’s London. It was the Givenchy Royal Hanover German silver eight-light chandelier by William Kent, which was bought for more than $ 9 million. However, I would also suggest Baccarat collection by Philippe Stark, obviously a lot more cheaper than the William Kent one with a price range around $  1,35,000.

Pic courtesy: Christie’s London

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To sip a cuppa of  Kupi Lowak obviously you would need a luxurious coffee table too. So one of the most expensive coffee table would be Matsumoto Four by Toyo Ito. For approximately $ 99,000 this plexiglass table is bound to catch your attention. It seems like a whole cave full of stalactites was just melted and frozen to make this one.

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Lets face it, if one fourth of our lives are spent on a bed then why not spend a few billion on it, right? The Baldacchino supreme is all hand carved and comes with gold work worth 107 kg. This bed worth $ 6.3 million  ( around₹ 43,30,82,790designed by Stuart Hughes obviously comes with an array of customisation options. You can choose diamonds or semi precious stones to be in layer in the head board.

Now some of you might find it too decadent and would want to go for something more contemporary. Well do not worry, the next best option in that case would be the floating bed, by architect Janjapp Ruijissenarrs. This bed literally hovers over the ground with 680 kg of magnets and there is extra wiring done in the walls to keep it from drifting away due to the magnetic field. And did I tell you, its cheap too (well cheap-er). In comparison to the Baldacchino, this one comes for $ 1.6 million only. Whoever said going minimal was cheap obviously never bought this one.

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Not that any one with that kind of money would actually spend much time in the kitchen. But Fiore di Cristallo is the most expensive one in its segment. With it’s own Swarovski crystal chandelier, wine climate cabinet, a crystal island and all cabinetry handles made of crystal. This one comes for a crazy price tag of $ 1.6 million. (It would be safe to say that in this kind of money, I can have enough organic high protein exotic meals made by a chef in my own home, for a lifetime.)

Pic courtesy: Sean Gardiner

Chair is a very important part of the living room and it’s only normal to spend a few crores on one, right? So The Skull chair, made by Harow in France is the one for you. It is not just a chair but is hailed as a piece of art. This chair is made up of fibre glass and coated with 24 carat gold along with black velvet. Offcourse with few diamonds too, a golden edition of this chair will cost you about $ 500,000 only. (Although personally between the two, I would prefer the second most expensive one by Dame Zaha Hadid, the Z chair for $ 204,000 only.)


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Surely there is a lot more that can be added to this list, companies world over are always working on giving something extra to their selective but ever growing billionaire client list. In the end honestly I have to admit not all of that most expensive work is something I would go for. But for now I would just hope that one of those billionaires do gets to read this blog and hires me to do their homes sometime. Do follow us on Instagram and Facebook to get to see more options on this list.

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