I know, I know… if you are a follower of my blog, someone who actually reads it, you might find it ironic that just last week it was about insomnia & this week it’s about Netflix. Probably a very big reason for many people to not sleep in the night. But what can I say, heart wants what it wants. I do enjoy Netflix and I can’t deny it. But apart from many other random shows & movies are a few series that as an interior designer, I would surely suggest to anyone who is a decor nerd. So, here I am, sharing with you top 5 Netflix shows for any interior decor enthusiast. After all, who doesn’t likes a cool before and after look right?!


This show is a Netflix production show which, as they name suggests is about home-makeovers. The series promises to look at short-term vacation rentals over 8 episodes, across the US. With interior designer Genevieve Gorder and reality broker Peter Lorimer, this show promises to make the rental spaces found on websites like Airbnb & others of the same like, turn into reality pieces worthy of a lot more than they are to start with. Properties like a boathouse, a fire station and even a ranch turn into rental havens for the higher end clientele.

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Amazing interiors is not for the average IKEA loving, fresh flowers buying and blockprint curtain adoring kinda average decor person. It is for the people who have a vision (& a budget) to go beyond most of our ideal home expectations. With houses that look quite modest from outside and have interiors with things like a life size aquarium or a room inspired by circus. Each episode is bound to make you jump out of your seat with excitement.
Award winning architect Piers Taylor and the quirky actor/ property enthusiast Caroline Quentin take you around the world, into the most amazing houses that one could ever walk into. From houses in as far as Norway, Israel and even India, they have covered it all. Honestly this is my favourite show of the all 5. A must watch for architects and interior decor enthusiasts alike.
Another NETFLIX production which has fabulous 5 men helping out people with issues pertaining to food, grooming, relationships & design. What makes this American show more famous is that it is not just another New York city based program but these guys actually go to much smaller cities to meet these people of very diverse background & help them get their life together. It is interesting to watch since it is not just a before & after of a person or a space but many times relationships between people and the society too. Come 2019, there will be another season with these guys just trying to change people’s life like it was as easy as 123.

This in a way is a sort of Project Runway out there to find a young amateur British interior designer who can make a room that looks dab into fab. The presenter of the show is Tom Dyckhoff, a design critic of The Times with famous interior designer guest judges, including Kelly Hoppen. The show is about giving a particular amount of budget to a small group of amateur designers to create a space, that would be judged by the home owners & the judges. With each episode there is an elimination, making it a complete binge worth show.

In the end, I would just say, dear team Netflix India you are doing a great job but it would be so much fun if we could have shows like these based out of our country as well. Since we have a very strong design language and yet we are getting very cosmopolitan in our approach. I am sure I will love to be a part of a fun decor show where we try & work on much more interesting projects than the usual city apartment. Do follow me on my Instagram page to view more inspiring stories or like my Facebook page to stay updates with the latest trends.

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