While we all are still getting used to 2017 and its new ways, our first story is about the top 6 interior design trends for 2017. Inspired by Indian aesthete, lifestyle and product availability in the local market. Hoping the trends given below will help you out in setting up your space in style.

Pic courtesy: Ultra Ariostea Hitech

Large format tiles: Ever since last year Kajaria came up with them, there are many other tile companies following this trend now. They come in the size of 4’ x 8’ and are available in matt or gloss, both. No more waiting for the Italian marble to be cut and polished, all slabs in a perfect size and matching veins yet costs a lot lesser.

Pic courtesy: Louisaworld

Greenery: Looking at the pollution around and the global warming, it could not be a better moment to talk about going green. Pantone has chosen Greenery 15 – 0343 as the colour of 2017 and we are sure to see a lot of it in the coming times ahead. Wether it might be a wall paper or an old table re-colored to match your interiors, this 2017 greenery is the in thing.

Pic courtesy: La Kairos

Artisan craftsmanship: From cross stitch to french knots, hand done craft is what you should have. Specially in a country with ample tactical patterns and age old techniques, its time to get the right contemporary mix for your home.

Pic courtesy: Affresco Decor

Art work wallpapers: We Indians have a knack of having things personalised for us and this is catching up with the wallpaper designs as well. As more and more new brands are getting into personalised design depending on the size of the wall to be covered.

Pic courtesy: Pinterest

Metal: Although internationally alot of designers are going for black steel but back home polished nickel seems to be more favourable. Brass may not have given up its shine yet, but if you looking ahead to be own the trend circuit then polished nickel it is.

Pic courtesy: Pinterest

Stained wood: We always have loved our age old grains and knots in our wooden furniture but with time there is a trend of staining the wood. There are many colours available out there to choose from and it also can be played with considering the type of wood or the interior theme. You can go for matt or ombre, shabby chic look or go for a polish to make it shine if things around look too dull to you. Almost all big paint companies have their catalogues to help you out with. Although we found Asian paints to be quite helpful.

Now trends are not to be followed blindly, you can always follow the ones that match your style and the interior of your home. On that note we hope this year brings you enough love and warmth in your house and heart. Keep following us on Instagram or write to us on our Facebook page for our upcoming competition this week. All the best!

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