Think summer and the only two places people seem to run is either towards the mountains or the beach. The cool fresh breeze, lazy promenades, sand castles and the never ending music of the waves. If a scene like this does not spell tranquility then god only knows what would. But not all of us are lucky enough to just pick up our beach baggage and take a short drive to reach the sun kissed paradise. So in that case, why not make your home feel like one and enjoy sipping on that perfect summer time cooler. This post will help you in making your apartment, beach like as we get you essentials for a beach house theme decor. All the tips and the tricks to make your own plage.


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Palm, Philodendron, Elephant ear… if all of them could come in one basket, the label would read tropical big leaves. Infact, why not give it a backwaters feel if you may and get some banana leaves. If that was your last vacay by the sea and you want to get a feel of it then do get it. The best part is, that you just need a pair of clean leaves in a jar and it’s set. Or get those bamboo baskets added for the Bali vibe. Organising a meal night with beach vibes, then use them as mats. There is so much you can do with them.


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Another fun way to add some beach magic to your home is with a dream catcher or a glass wind chime. Even better if made with your own hands, with things that you found on a beach. (Or drank in, while on a beach). There are numerous youtube videos and Pinterest tutorials about how you can make one with things like conches, ropes, glass bottles etc. (There is a DIY coming up on this one, in my next blog post thought..)


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Once done with your summer decluttering, try toning down a bit more by introducing some natural texture decor to your home, Mykonos style. Now you can’t go colouring your main door blue and keeping everything else white, but you can surely add some lightness of wicker to your apartment. Like I suggested before, a tropical big leaf plant then add a wicker hanging piece of furniture, a wood log side table with a jute rug and swing to the dreams of the white sands and blue water. You can go for a wicker basket too for a table set up. Just keep it light.

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She sells sea shells on a sea shore.. might be hard to crack but not this easy breezy table centre piece. All you need is a big conch shell and a few succulents. Make it extra, by adding a nautical stripe runner on the table. Or if you are a collector of shells then get some glass jars in sea green & blue hues and put them up all together in a corner with nautical stripe/motif inspired blue & white cushions.


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Get wall art to set the mood. There are many websites that provide prints and vector illustrations for you to decorate with. Wether make it a photo wall with quirky quotes and illustrations or just one poster, the choice is yours. Or have a big one with your earlier beach photography framed around. Make it all about that beach. PS: The painting is by an artist called, Isabelle Feliu.


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This remains a classic, you cannot go listing the essentials for a beach theme decor without talking about the nautical stripes. Now you may get sofa slip on covers or just get a bunch of cushions with different stripes. Or a even a runner for the table. These stripes do add that extra colour to the area. Do not fret about the right hue of blue, indigo will do just fine as well.


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Now this is simple, all you need is a lantern, some beach theme knick knacks and sand. Get a candle to place in the middle and you are set. You can make your own version of this with stones as well. Not all beaches are about the white sand, right.


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While living coral still reigns as the colour of the year, why not get bold and add some to your decor. You can always make a pastel colour story around it.


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If you have the place, then why not hang a cane swing in your house. Add that lanterns and get those palm for the effect. Make it all rise to the theme.

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As much as it may annoy it later, but that touch of sand under our feet is priceless. Surely you cannot have that in your living room. But what you can do is get those fine silk carpets rolled out and get a jute one pulled in. Welcome the nature and support sustainability.

In the end it is all a state of mind, the decor around us just helps us to make it really get the vibes. I might also add getting a play list with soft beach ballads. I mean let’s face it we all do sit around in our offices at times, going online and checking randomly on how much would a holiday cost on a certain date without the intention, right? As badly as we all need some vitamin sea, it may not be so easy to just pack up and leave. That is why, am hoping this post would help you to place yourself there for a bit. Do follow us on Instagram to see more on this post.

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