This ladies and gentlemen, is from a post that is coming with a personal note. Since I myself have experienced insomnia for a long time. Coffee surely helps the next day but in the long run it does tires your body down. There were suggestions which were given to me, like drink warm milk before going to bed. Or take a warm water shower. But to be honest, until now nothing has worked like doing maths homework, it just worked like a charm. Moving ahead, I really gave it a thought and tried rounding up s many reasons that I could, on how your room decor can help you fight insomnia, an issue which is a real time situation for many of us today. And here are few of my recommendations, that you can try in your bedroom.


A fresh clean bed sheet on the bed may not sound that effective of a cure but trust me it does help. As it has been written on a post before, a pure cotton/linen fabrics are breathable, increase blood circulation, anti bacterial in nature, environmentally friendly, soft on the skin and promotes good night sleep. You can easily find a sheet around 300 TC (Thread counts) in many different colours or solids, depending on your choice in the market today.

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Now you do not have to be a follower of minimalistic decor but just listen to your mother’s advice. Which is to keep your bed clutter free. Just try making it a morning ritual or a day end habit. Keep your clothes in the wardrobe, your bag on the shelf and anything else at its place. Have only your pillows and your duvet to accompany you for a good night sleep. The right decor of your room should have enough space for everything to be put in where they belong.

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Let me be out & done with it, white tube lights are as inspiring to me as flowers for spring. If you do happen to be a white light fan, do try having warm white bed lamps or at least one fixture in your bedroom that does has warm white (more towards yellow light). As it surely helps in prepping up to bed.

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Let us not forget that smell is also one of the senses. So a good Lavender or Chamomile candle should make the mood for you. Infact, Lavender helps in getting some love in the bedroom as well. Scared to light a candle and go to bed, then just drop in a few drops of Lavender oil on your pillow, there are many studies that prove it to be an efficient cure.

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Thank you Netflix, you have been a great reason for many in this generation to binge like there is no tomorrow and end up crashing really late. To top it all, if you are that lucky person to have a bedroom that gets filled with early morning light, you really need get these. I am talking about good thick curtains, wether they be in silk or jacquard, just getting that light for a few hours helps.

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For a more holistic approach try out the Celestite crystal. Leave it out on a full moon night and then keep it around your bed, as this crystal helps in depression and promotes good sleep. Also a great stone for a kids nursery.

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Wether you believe in it or not, but it has been there and it is worth trying if everything else fails. So I would like to suggest two basic Vastu tips here. First, while sleeping keep your head towards east or south direction. Second, do not have your bed under a beam.

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This is a Feng Shui tip as well. To be honest, this is something that I’m working on myself (& failing) but yes, try to put off any of those gadgets away from you, an hour before you go to bed. Arianna Huffington of the Huffington Post has a ritual of tucking her phone to bed before she retires herself. According to her this really helps her be fully recharged next day while her phone is recharging. Also a great habit to pass on to your kids.

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If looking to add some colour to your bedroom, pastels are always a good idea. However, blue is said to lower blood pressure and even out respiration, perfect in a soft shade. Otherwise some shade of yellow and green can help too.

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Alright I know this is NOT a home decor tip at all, but as this comes from my own personal experience. If you think there are not enough hours in a day for you to go for a yoga class then get on a services app and get a yoga trainer at home. No need to got to a gym or blame the pollution outside for a run. Just the right breathing exercises can help you to sleep.

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Let’s face it, we all are creatures of our own habits but there is always something little that may bring a big difference. A good night sleep not only recharges us for a more effective day but also helps us keep our depression down and has it’s other benefits too. As I said, at the start, I myself have been fighting insomnia for a very long time and once in a while I have tried one or more of these tips. Here is hoping at least one of you can get a good sleep after trying out one of these suggestions. You can write to me on my Facebook page or follow on Instagram for more such interesting posts. Until next time, bonne nuit!

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