As our country gets busy buying lehengas and sherwani’s, with DeepVeer and Ambani’s. It would be only safe to say that winters are the favourite, when it comes to the weddings. But while you get busy figuring out the jewellery to match with that lehenga, why not get some jewel tones for you home too. They exude richness also look come in winter fabrics like velvet & suede. You can add some brass for a bit of bling or paint your wall in one. This post should get your all prepped up to make a bold home decor statement with jewel tones this fall.


Alright, so I agree this is kind of a commitment might be difficult to get into. Since having a strong colour is not an easy choice. Red, the colour of power and the classic bride has changed many shades, from ox blood to pinkish red, it has almost always made a come back. So why not add some to your home. Although choose the right tint or shade, according  space and light. It may get too much, so tread carefully.

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Emerald green is another beautiful addition to any colour story. The thing with jewel tones is that they work better when used in a bold way & with the other jewel tones in contrast. You can use this green with the red and a neutral, to soften the things around.

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As fancy a sapphire is, a whole wall of this colour might get overwhelming for a few. So try going for softer blue shade or just adding accessories in this bold colour. Once again, just like other jewel tones it works beautifully with some silver or gold touch.

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Please note, this theme is not for the faint hearted. You go bold or go home. When incorporating these colours, try using shades on the opposite side of the colour wheel. Again works better when used in just the right quantity.

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If all the other tones are kind of too much in the face for you & you like to keep things more subtle, then this is the one. This colour when paired with lighter wood and jewel tone yellow should turn out just right. You can make it grand with silver accent pieces as well.

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Most of us all our lives prefer colour stories that are more “safe” and conventionally comforting. But then hiring an interior designer is about making a statement. So why not try having a distinct space, it can be just the entrance lobby or may be a particular bedroom. If apprehensive about going for a bold solid colour then try going for a wall paper. After all variety is the spice of life. If you did enjoy this article then do let us know on our Facebook page or follow us on Instagram to see more inspirational stories.

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