Cement tiles have been around for a long time now. But still not many can differentiate them from the other look alike. This post is our endeavour to make you learn about what are cement tiles and multiple ways to use them in your homes. Specially now when they are making a comeback again. From restaurants to living rooms, they are popping up everywhere. However, they may not fit in every area of your home or at times the budget. This post should help you choose them well.

*It all started in Catalonia and then they were exhibited in France in 1857. From where they went ahead to the US, where around 20th century they were suppose to be high end and were used in many eminent buildings of that time.* From 1850’s until now they have been going in and out of trend. But due to ecological reasons and the new techniques today its mostly the encaustic tiles that are in use. These encaustic tiles are a bit different than the original cement tiles.

To make the encaustic tiles, metal stencils are hand made by local artisans and the finest quality colours are poured into the metal framework so that in the end the desired pattern is obtained. After which it is hard pressed which helps in making it solid. Then it goes through hydrolysis and the concrete becomes hard. This mainly includes white cement on the top and grey cement at the back. Another version of these would be the classic Athangudi tiles from the state of Tamil Nadu.

You need to be sure about where you plan to use them as not all are perfect for every and any area. Although there are many tiles in the market today that might have the same finish as the cement tiles but they are not the same. It’s not just about the colours but the concrete used, vibrant colours and the thickness that makes them different. Going ahead lets go through some of the ways to use them other than just flooring.

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Stair riser

Wether you might have wooden flooring or stone, cement tiles on the stair riser can uplift any stair case. (The flat top where you put your feet to climb is called Tread and the part that supports the Tread is called Riser). Specially when at times the cost of your favourite cement tile might be a lot more than the marble, it makes sense to use them just as a fancy border.


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A planter

Now for people who might be living on rent and it is not possible to adapt cement tiles into their decor, a planter with your favourite pair of tiles should do the trick. Just make a case for the plant and stick them around on the sides.


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Their colours give them the extra edge and the pop up needed for any area. Wether that be an open bar or indoor table top, they surely add lots pf personality and makes it vibrant & chic. Also they are perfect for weathers like ours in India.

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Now this is where you need to ask before using them in a wet area cause not all are hydraulic made. Mostly concrete tiles are made by hand, which means if it gets chipped, the layer below will not have the same colour as the colour on the top. Also we do not recommend using harsh chemical cleaners to clean them. In the end you might want to consider putting a sealant on the tiles, as they  are mostly porous. Also, they may not be slip resistance. Although, not just the bathroom wall but they look great in kitchens too.

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Cement tiles come in many different colours, shapes and sizes, wether that be inspired from the Blue pottery from Rajasthan, the Portuguese influenced Goan style or the ones from the traditionally rich Tamil Nadu. You may not be able to get your flooring changed but you can surely make them a part of your wall art.

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Lately many people are getting faux fire places in their living rooms. Which saves you the extra work on getting the chimney and the logs, yet it gives that extra wow factor to your living room. The cement tiles can come very handy while covering up fire place. Although if you wish to use them on the inside we suggest you to consult your designer/vendor about the feasibility.

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Most of cement tiles come with the thickness of 25 mm which makes them much more thicker than the average ceramic tiles available everywhere. Also, they are more expensive in comparison to many basic vetrified ceramic tiles. Specially if you are experiencing damp wall issues, cover up your wall with amazing patterns.

They are perfect to be used in living rooms or balconies. Or any area which you wish to pop out in your home. Additionally they keep it cool in the summers. If you do have any queries or suggestions regarding these tiles, do let us know. For now follow us on our Instagram page for more visual inspiration and like our Facebook page to stay updated with our latest posts.


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